Traffic - Vehicle And Pedestrian Safety

We Know The Problem

Traffic signs that are disorder on the streets and highways in the city are a security risk. In order to ensure the safety of the driver and pedestrians, they must be replaced as soon as possible or replaced with new plate poles and plates, which is often an expensive operation.

Deformed and / or bent signs and poles in the city are not only annoying, but they also affect the well-being of the city in the worst way. The use of poles designed to slow down traffic in has begun to increase urban centers and is being used as a feature of the city.

Accidents and damages during the maneuvers that the vehicles make while parking are a frequent occurrence in the city. However, it may be necessary to repair the poles or replace the poles with new ones. This is a huge cost for municipalities and a constantly repetitive cost.

Fixed poles have a structure that is not flexible enough to provide necessary conditions for road work, organized ceremonies and events.

Fixed poles increase the risk of injury during the crash regardless of whether the vehicles are automobiles or motorcycles.

The number of sign poles is increasing in cities. Fixed length short poles designed to slow down traffic in city centers are often easily overlooked due to their length and cause tremendous damage every year

We Know The Solutıon

We designed a new splice that fits into the flexible pole foundation. During the collision, the poles turns in contact point with the traffic sign and the driver has more time to slow down. When the vehicle is towed out, it will return directly to its upright position.

Advantages when compared with traditional traffic poles;

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Existing and damaged traffic signs can be integrated without needing a new basis.
  • Traffic signs and poles can be easily fragmentized into pieces (weekly marketplaces, extraordinary situations where large loads need to be transported, etc.)
  • If there is a high-speed collision with only a stretch-based direct base, it can be replaced with a new one without the need of a new pedestal. This change can be made quickly by a single authorized person, thereby reducing labor costs. No additional material or extra cost is required.
  • It maintains a clean and tidy appearance in cities, as it prevents the formation of deformed traffic signs and poles.
  • It provides more security in case of crashes of cars and motorcycles.
  •  It limits damage caused by maneuvers when vehicles park.

How does it work?

  • This innovative system is flexible and therefore damage in collision events can be limited.
  • Traffic sign poles and short poles return to their original location, so they continue to stand upright.