Traffic Week Events

It is necessary for the children who are our future to teach the rules and behaviors that should be in the traffic at the young ages and in order to be permanent of them, the training should become continuous.

We prepare a lot of training and participation programs so that they will be entertaining and rewarding for continuity and love of children for training we have implemented in Istanbul Metropolitan City and continue in other municipalities and at the same time to keep in mind.

Every year the week after the first Sunday of May in our country is celebrated as Traffic Week.

On behalf of the completion and presentation of the activities and the awarding of these activities

Traffic related to children;

  • Painting, Cartoon and Story contests,
    Information competitions,

For older in order to attract better attention to traffic and to reach mass;

  • On traffic subject,
  • Photo contests,
  • Poster contests,

Organizing activities in a professional and ethical discipline, concluding with control and full details from start to finish.

For this purpose, in the final week, organizing activities in the city on behalf of the municipality