Intersection Geometric Design

Sizin için Güvenilir Yapı ve Restorasyon Ortağı

Intersection Geometric Design Projects to be prepared within the frame of the Traffic Circulation Plan are designed to keep the vehicle and pedestrian safety at the maximum level and keep the intersection capacity at maximum level according to Traffic Engineering Standards.

There are two types of intersections: Concourse and under / Overpass intersections.

Peerless interchanges are in different branches and structures, mainly T, Y, Four Arms and Ellipsoid.

The most important point here is to provide maximum capacity and stone / pedestrian safety while making intersection type and design.

Aksaray Intersection

Antep Çetinkaya Intersection

Çanakkale Ahmet Priştina Intersection

Antep Old Station Intersection

Fındıkzade Emniyet Müdürlüğü Intersection

Forum İstanbul Junction