Traffic Circulation Projects

Traffic circulation is the circulation of a city’s vehicle traffic movement at junctions and the arteries connecting junctions.

In our cities, many of four intersection roads and traffic movements in all roads were released, traffic flows return into all the branches by coming from every same roads

As a result of the release of the traffic flow movements in all the roads, the total circuit period extends at the signaling at the intersection , not passing the traffic flows in a circuit causes to remain in the next.

In this case at the intersection, it causes increase in length of the queue, increase in waiting time, fuel consumption, environmental pollution due to exhaust gases and therefore economic loss.
Within the scope of this project we prepare as PALYE PROJECT, firstly the company evaluates the areas such as housing, commerce, industry, shopping center, hospital and so on.accompanied with Traffic Volume Measurement.
We make analyzes according to the ratio of the traffic volumes resulting from the traffic volume measurements to the capacity at the roads and junctions and we prepare the Traffic Circulation Project according to Traffic Engineering Standards and evaluations of the other occupational standards.
In the Traffic Circulation Projects prepared, maximum economic savings is provided on behalf of the country with minimum standby, minimum intersection, minimum queuing, minimum fuel loss and environmental pollution.

Aksaray Square Design



Gaziantep Center Circulation Project

Kağıthane Seyrantepe

Urfa Abide Intersection Circulation 2016