Road - Ribbon Discipline Projects

It is seen that in the cities we don’t calculate the traffic capacity and the traffic loads to be given to roads in the new and old settlement areas, moreover the continuity of the road axes and the continuity of the axes along the artery can not be achieved.

When we look across the artery, we see a distance of 11 m from a width of 8 m and later decreasing a distance of 7 m.

In this case, the most severely cross section must be taken according to the narrowest point, so the other area constitutes the “bottle neck” for traffic flows.

This is an undesirable situation for Traffic Engineering. Therefore, this situation, which is seen in almost all cities of the country, causes traffic density, queuing and clogging cause as well as time and fuel loss in many places.
The most important point here is to consider capacity at the narrowest point along the artery. In the lane discipline projects we have prepared in this way, axe continuity along the whole artery will be established, the zigzags will be removed and a smooth linear traffic flow will be created.

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Road Section Planning