Traffic Regulation Projects

he existing traffic order in the city is mostly a single-market centered and predominantly serves pedestrians due to the fact that it is mainly urban areas that come from old historical settlements.

However, along with the developing time, the number of vehicles in the city and its mobility have increased related to the developing economy.

For this reason, our streets in all cities have not been planned the way that sufficient traffic will flow because of the old structure, yet, they have been planned randomly and mostly freed up.

In the subsequent arrangements, implementation of random directions that is “Traffic Circulation” was implemented without making “Traffic Volume Measurements” mostly.
For this reason, firstly the requirements of vehicles and travels of the shopping centers in the city and the areas such as housing, industry, hospital, school, commercial areas etc should be studied.
As a result of the volume / capacity analyzes prepared with these studies, the required “Traffic Regulation Projects” are made by calculating area traffic loads.

18 Mart Street Geometric Regulation Project Model

18 Mart Street Model

Cumhuriyet Street Geometric Regulation