Transportation Master Plan

It is necessary to plan the transportation according to the programmes of the present and future of a city. For this purpose, the transportation and traffic loads of the areas such as housing, industry, port, air port, market, fish market, rail systems, hospital areas, university areas, commercial areas etc. with large traffic loads should be planned and projected according to the future.

There will not be a problem if the transportation axes are made according to capacity analyzes and the planning projecting is made according to the constraints and bottlenecks

Unfortunately, in Transportation Master Plan made in our country, as a solution they are trying to get out of business by projecting only one rail system axes.

Since in the local government staff are not personnel and managers with sufficient technical knowledge in this regard, the Transportation Master Plans made cannot go beyond a rail system plan in just one axe and few intersection projects.

For this reason, the Transportation Master Plan that must be done should be formed according to the future of the city, also it should include the integration of all modes of transportation and address all request.

If done according to the final state of the city, there will not be transportation or traffic problems in the city at all.